At the Fire Station in Walton on Thames

At the Fire Station in Walton on Thames on 15th June children aged 10 attended a Junior Citizenship Course run by Child Safety Media. These courses are run every year across almost every Surrey Borough, though Covid prevented them for two years.

The children received a Junior Citizen Certificate after hearing six 15 minute talks about how to stay safe near water; how to avoid any criminal offending; mental well-being; safety when using electricity, candles or fire; what is anti-social behaviour, and how to use a defibrillator, give CPR and put a person into the recovery position. In 90 minutes they were taught a great deal about how to take care of themselves, how to help others and how to behave in a considerate way to fellow citizens, of whatever age. These courses have been running for many years and the High Sheriff believes it is desirable that every child should have the opportunity of undergoing one. The instructors asked questions of the children, skilfully keeping their interest and testing their retention of what they’d heard. Their rapport with the children was excellent.

Having followed one group and heard every lesson, the High Sheriff was presented with a Junior Citizen Certificate, which surprised him, given his age! But it delighted him, for he’d learnt some things he should have known. This is an excellent morning’s work and it helps nurture our young and the course will help to lead them to be good members of society. They are their future.

The High Sheriff is grateful to Dan Boneham and Wendy Roberts for inviting him to Walton and for guiding him through the event. He also thanks and compliments all the instructors for their excellent talks.