'What Will be Left For Mums With Babies & Toddlers Around Lingfield?'

This was the passionate question raised by all mums present at this morning’s busy session at St Piers Children’s Centre, which is scheduled to be closed later in the year. Several of the regulars became very emotional as they explained the crucial role Lidia (left), Charmaine (right, back) and the team have played in their lives – not just by providing great opportunities to meet other mums, but also as advisors and supporters through the often difficult phases in the lives of all young families. They also emphasised how essential it is to have other professionals present at the centre throughout the week, so that help was readily, and discreetly to hand. In spite of the depressing topic of conversation several of the young users and mums joined for a photo!

 Guidance that some facilities will be available after the closure in Caterham has been met with astonishment, as reaching such a location involves a one hour bus ride each way. Lidia is hopeful that a new provider organisation (charity or not for profit) will be found to help keep the Children’s Centre open – PLEASE, CAN ANYONE HELP?