Esher CofE High School Pupils 'Provide Optimism For The Future!'

A powerful statement from Mike Boddington, Headteacher (left), and wholly justified from the impressive approach taken to our visit by the two students who Mike selected to act as Ambassadors. They led the entire programme as I shared a memorable tour of the school with Dave Pearce (happy fourth birthday on site!), East to West’s Regional Support Worker (centre) and CEO, Ant Horton (an excellent photographer, as you can see). The students chose the specific site for the photo because they believe that the message of ‘welcome’ is what makes the school special – great creative thinking!

Mike and his team deliver an inspiring experience for all 1,100 pupils, and when asked how they achieve this difficult objective, Mike’s response is that ‘whenever we find ourselves faced with a challenging decision, we simply look up at the question on the wall’;

Wisdom indeed!