An Engaging visit to Gosden House School.

I was inspired by my visit to Gosden House School in Bramley. The school caters for children across Surrey with varying degrees of learning difficulties. The atmosphere was incredibly positive and supportive with notably dedicated staff. It was good to spend time discussing with the Senior Leadership Team some very challenging issues the school faces – including funding, requirement for a new building, the increased stress on families post Covid and the challenges intensified by a reduction in family support services across the county. I was privileged to say a few words to the assembled primary age children who were bursting with questions, and it was great fun answering them. Lots of questions about the uniform, the sword and do I live in a castle (no!). Did I like the Gruffalo? (Yes), my favourite book? (The Hungry Caterpillar).   Wonderful visit and thank you Head Cathy O’Sullivan, school dog Angus and Governor Steve Oldfield for hosting me so warmly. #gosdenschool #bramley #Surrey #highsheriffofsurrey #thesurreylieutenancy #bbcradiosurrey #surreyhillsradio #surreylife #education #surreyschools #school #gruffalo #thehungrycaterpillar