High Sheriff Awards At Guildford Crown Court

One of the most important, pleasant and moving tasks for a High Sheriff is the presentation of Certificates of Commendation for Bravery and public-spirited actions at a Crown Court Awards Ceremony. On 26th September the High Sheriff – who as a former Circuit Judge sitting in the Crown Court had nominated citizens for such awards – had the pleasure of handing out the Certificate and a cheque, which comes from a special fund, to five people.

HHJ Fraser MVO DL nominated three people who had prevented a young man from dying after he had been stabbed in the chest. The assailant was caught and received a substantial prison term. Kerry Pantony stopped her car when the victim flagged her down and seeing he was badly bleeding, she administered first aid and thereby saved his life. Mehmet Osman put the victim in his car and prevented the assailant from further attacking the victim as did Paul Martin.

The son of a woman who was being threatened by a man in her home was commended for his bravery and maturity. Aged only 12 at the time, he prevented the man from harming his mother. The offender went to prison. He was nominated by Her Honour Judge Lees.

Tony Martin was commended for helping the Police to arrest a man at Clapham Junction station who
was committing a serious offence. He had been nominated by HHJ Hunter Vice-Judge Advocate General.

Members of the families of those commended sat in court as the citations were read out by Judge Fraser. Photographs were taken by Steve Porter and tea was provided for all.