Surrey Reserves Day 2022

At Surrey County Council’s premises on Wednesday 22nd June the role the Reservists play in Surrey was celebrated in the presence of Col Mark Siebenaller, Deputy Commander (Reserves) 11 Security Assistance Brigade and men from 4 The Princess of Wales Regiment. There are 27 Reservists working for SCC and Surrey Fire & Rescue Service out of over 250 Reservists in the county and about 35,000 in the country.

The Chairman of SCC Helyn Clack, in a ceremony in the Memorial Garden at Woodhatch,  thanked the Reservists for balancing their civilian life with a military career. The County was very grateful for the work they did during the pandemic, and for what they are now doing in worldwide operations, such as in the Falklands, and in helping to train government forces in the Ukraine. They play a key role in the defence of our country and we are all grateful for the work they do and for their professionalism. Their skills are also highly valued by their civilian employers. The County is rightly proud of its Reservists.

The High Sheriff similarly paid tribute to the work of the Reservists, stating how as a people the war in Ukraine is causing us to appreciate that threats to our country and way of life have not disappeared. He also thanked the Police present for all their fine work in the County.