Brooklands Innovation Academy

Museum Director and CEO Tamalie Newbery welcomed a large number of guests to a breakfast to mark the launch of the Academy, which is an annual programme that inspires young people to become the next generation of scientists and engineers. It is part of the National Science Summer School programme, co-founded by Professor Brian Cox CBE, Lord Andrew Mawson OBE and Well North Enterprises. Brooklands will deliver it in partnership with the Bourne Education Trust, supported by leading businesses and donors. There will be a key event later this year hosted by Professor Cox, which 400 secondary school students will attend. Currently, in Indianapolis on a world tour, a recorded message from Professor Cox was received.

In two inspiring addresses, first Tamalie spoke about how innovation is at the heart of Britain’s story, the result of human endeavour, bravery, expertise and entrepreneurialism. Brooklands epitomises that, with its historic role in aviation and motor racing. The Academy aims to inspire young people to study the STEM subjects and to become creative and enter a diversity of careers. In the year round programme, the young will learn about the mindset that leads to innovation. Lord Mawson then emphasised that the way to get things done was not by a strategic study but by learning by doing, and furthermore, by working in collaboration.

What better place than Brooklands could there possibly be for the nurturing of future STEM talent. The opportunity now exists in Surrey to encourage and inspire the young to participate in this innovative development. It is to hope that many more people and businesses in the county will get behind this programme, donate to it and support it in whatever ways they can.