This service that provides accommodation for the homeless has existed for over 20 years, changing from a ‘ night shelter’ model to direct access accommodation that now provides 10 beds for single men or women aged between 18-65, who can stay for 3 weeks or, if absolutely necessary up to 3 months before moving on to a flat or other accommodation that meet the individual’s needs. There is a great atmosphere, relaxed and friendly, and no doubt the result of the personalities of all who work there. There is one to one support and help is given in many ways, whether to those with mental health issues, financial problems, or employment worries. York Road Project also provides outreach services, finding rough sleepers and directing them to the right support. There is support from other local service providers such as Catalyst, Woking Mind and the Useful Wood Project. YRP have also joined the Surrey Alliance and will providing support through Bridge the Gap/Surrey Adult Matters, which works to give individuals additional support in achieving better lives.   
What a great job the team does for those whose lives have reached a very low point and are in desperate need of help. I sincerely thank Cherisse Dealtry and Kristina James, and their colleagues we met who specialise in mental health and liaison with the Police as an ”external navigator”, for their time and patience in answering all the questions my wife and I asked. I really hope they will be able to move to larger premises, where they will be able to help make an even bigger difference in the lives of many more who need their help.