Action For Carers

This Guildford-based Charity which assists many of the 6,000 5-18 year old young carers in the county, held an event, “Your Life, Your Choice” at Merrist Wood College on Saturday 26th March. The morning session was for young carers aged 5-11. The afternoon session was for 11-18 year olds, which the High Sheriff attended. An ex-paratrooper and former Det. Constable, Dean, talked for an hour and warned of the dangers of young persons being approached by drug dealers offering money for them to be drug couriers – for example by carrying drugs in kinder eggs and operating along the “county lines”. He also spoke of the risks of carrying a knife or of getting involved with firearms. An enigmatic speaker, he put across his warnings in a powerful way. The carers in groups then wrote a script and recorded blogs with the assistance of Mark Matthews, Director of Collaborate Digital. The blogs on these topics would be sent to the carers after Mark’s editing.

Dean has addressed thousands of young people, teachers and police officers in 4 years. His company is Urban Pure Solutions. It is so important that the young and vulnerable are informed about the unscrupulous and their methods, which can result in prison sentences and ruined young lives. A sincere thank you to Debbie Bell for running such an important event.