Fascinating visits to the Muslim Peace Garden and Brookwood Cemetery

The High Sheriff visited two beautiful, tranquil burial grounds and heard about their extraordinary histories from her knowledgeable hosts.

Dr Llewelyn began the day with a visit to the Muslim Peace Garden, which many people drive by without knowing it’s there, set back from a busy road behind trees.

Shahid Azeem, Surrey’s High Sheriff 2020-21, accompanied her during the tour by their host Dr Zafar Iqbal, who was instrumental in the garden’s restoration.

Dr Llewelyn said: “I would recommend the documentary about the restoration process, which was done together with the Horsell Common Preservation Society.”

After the Muslim Peace Garden visit, the High Sheriff went to Brookwood Cemetery, a resting place for people from all over the UK from many different faiths and countries. There is also a separate military cemetery.

Dr Llewelyn heard about the cemetery’s incredible history, including how coffins used to be sent by rail from Brookwood’s two railway stations to the Necropolis Railway Station, which was once next to Waterloo. A short piece of track still survives, as does the southern platform where monks from the St Edward Brotherhood live today in adjoining buildings.

Dr Llewelyn said: “Cemetery Manager Avril Kirby gave us a wonderful tour explaining how she and her team have worked tirelessly to restore large parts of the cemetery that had fallen into disrepair.” 

Photos: The Colquhoun Family Mausoleum, which was restored in 2019. There were extensive masonry and roof repairs and work to the surrounding area. During works, 10 coffins were exhumed from the crypt and replaced in new zinc-lined coffins.