Runnymede Volunteer Police Cadets Become Rowdy Mob With High Sheriff!

The High Sheriff may no longer be able to raise a posse, but for one night we were able to convince Sgt Kerslake (left), Co-ordinator of Surrey VPC Scheme, to allow the Staff (Paul right; Connor, second left) and Cadets from Runnymede Unit to join me (and additional cadets from Mid-Sussex) in forming a very rowdy mob! This was all part of the regular training which Police Support Unit (PSU) officers receive in order to remain accredited for national mobilisation, should circumstances demand. The training is astonishingly life-like and ensures that PSU officers are able to deal with all types of situations, from peaceful or mildly disobedient protest right through to a rioting crowd (that was us last night!) These impressive officers from Surrey and Sussex forces all volunteer for this particular training and are a highly effective and professional team;