Shepperton Youth Club – 'Inspiring Young People'

Every Thursday evening, Shepperton Youth Centre is the venue for this popular Youth Club, organised by inspirational Eikon Leader Chelsea (with certificate) and her wonderful team of volunteers (in purple) and ‘Role Models’ (in blue). The impressive Role Models certainly live up to their title, and are older members who volunteer to help with the younger members during their early evening session. A brilliant model of operation which empowers everyone involved, and is much respected and enjoyed by the young people themselves, as we can see!

The High Sheriff’s Certificate recognises the great and valuable services to the local community made by Eikon/Shepperton Youth Club, and was wholly endorsed by all of the parents I met last night. Indeed, several of them volunteer themselves, and I understand that small fishing trips may be a possibility in the future! No better way to round off such a great evening than sharing a home-made snack: