'ServiceDogs UK' – Training PTSD Assistance Dogs


The ‘ServiceDogs UK’ Charity was created in 2015 by Garry Botterill (to my right below) and Judith Broug, and Garry kindly invited me to see the PTSD Assistance Dog Programme in action (there are now 7 Assistance Dog Partnerships operating). This exceptional programme is open to all men and women from the Armed Forces, Emergency Services, Coast Guard, RNLI and UKSAR, who have a clinical diagnosis of PTSD. The Assistant Dog Programme is free to the veteran, and the broad range of support delivered by the dogs is truly amazing, from providing comfort for the veteran when signs of PTSD are evident, right through to retrieving medicine from storage when alerted by a particular ring tone on the phone (Jerry, above, was a real star in training!)

Garry and Judith are constantly on the lookout for volunteers – including fosters for the dogs themselves!