'Topic of Cancer' Supports World-Class Immunotherapy Group at University of Surrey

It was a great privilege and pleasure to join ToC Chair, Nigel Lewis-Baker (above), for a brilliant lecture from inspirational Senior Research Fellow, Dr Nicola Assels (above). I learnt that ‘oncolytic (cancer killing) viruses’ are the new ‘biological battleships’ fighting the war against cancer, and that we have one of the leading research groups in the world developing that ground-breaking approach right here in Surrey, under the leadership of renowned clinical scientist and medical oncologist, Professor Hardev Pandha. As well as supporting this hugely promising research, Topic of Cancer also provides support groups for patients and their families. ‘ToCFit’ is located in Guildford and offers fitness and exercise classes (and the chance to relax over coffee!), while ‘ToCVoices’ perform as a choir some 50 strong and meet every Monday evening. ToC is a wonderful charity, run entirely by volunteers, and have already provided substantial funds for the research team (such as the multi-coloured gadget in the background – don’t ask me, Nicola has all the answers!). All support is greatly appreciated and goes directly to the front line battle against cancer.