Patronal Day Concert at St Catherine's School, Bramley

Headmistress Alice Phillips and Chairman of Governors, Peter Martin welcomed Lord Lieutenant Michael and Sarah More-Molyneux, Civic Dignitaries and proud families and friends to this annual celebration of patronal day. And what a celebration! Pupils had already enjoyed a day full of events, including an early Xmas Dinner, but had plenty of energy and talent in reserve to deliver a concert of the highest quality. As St Catherine’s Day is also Thanksgiving in the USA, it was wholly appropriate that Gershwin compositions began and ended the programme, with girls throughout the school fully engaged in the various orchestras, choirs, brass ensemble, and wind/fife & drum/jazz bands, superbly organised by Matthew Greenfield (right). Talented members of the sixth form musicians and singers, were delighted to join Nick Williams, Mayor of Godalming (left) and Mary Foryszewski, Deputy Mayor of Waverley, for a final farewell!