Royal Visit to Royal Alexandra & Albert School

Her Royal Highness The Duchess Of Gloucester visited RAAS today as part of the activities to celebrate the founding of the school 260 years ago, and to formally reopen the newly refurbished Gatton Hall Boarding House, now home to the very appreciative members of the Sixth Form!

Headmaster, Mark Dixon (left), and Chair of Governors, Bill Gillen, were supported throughout by Madie, Head Girl, and Kieron, Head Boy. As always the hospitality was excellent, and the meal in the ballroom for ‘dignitaries and ‘Foundationer’ pupils, past and present, just what was needed on a cold winter day! One other 260 year old was observing lunch – the Act Of Parliament Clock (so-called because the internal cogs were made of wood, to avoid a tax on metal all those years ago) – wonderful history!