Viewpoint Centre – 'When Just Talking Isn't Enough'

Inspired by the Horse Course in Dorset, and utilising Parelli Natural Horsemanship, this new Dormansland-based charity is providing fully trained support for 8-24 year olds who may be struggling with multiple problems and be living in difficult situations. Referrals currently come from Tandridge District Council, SCC, Reigate Valley College, several local schools and now direct from GPs. The driving force, supported by Emily with dedicated staff and trustees, is Founder, Katie Dockery (below), and her plan is to now cater for referrals right across Surrey;

 The young people on ReStart attend a 5 day course and receive a Level 1 award from Parelli assessors in the USA upon successful completion. Outcomes are carefully monitored, and there are already many recorded instances of lives being totally changed through this contact with the horses. Local Councillor, Lesley Steeds, is a strong supporter, as are many members of the local community, some of whom recently completed a walk in Europe and presented a cheque for well over £1,000 – great effort!