HMP Send: 20 Years 'Enabling' Women Prisoners

And that approach starts from the first moment that the woman prisoner enters HMP Send – above are just some examples of the information, support and advice provided through the remarkably integrated Chaplaincy, together with the experienced staff team and many volunteers.

Governor Carlene Dixon explained the importance of an enabling culture and positive approach from everyone on site to producing the impressive results achieved at the prison over it’s 20 year life working with women prisoners. The vital role played by peer advisors, mentors and listeners was emphasised, and the opportunity to talk to just one soon-to-graduate member of the Psychologically Informed Planned Environment (PIPE) project, supported most successfully by the NHS, was enough to show just how fundamental the changes can be.

Most encouraging to hear of the great involvement of Pret a Manger in providing training within the prison, work experience as women reach the end of their terms and full time jobs when appropriate on release. It is this sort of positive approach from businesses across Surrey which Carlene is determined to develop further. Just get in touch!