Gym Jewell


Spelthorne Gymnastics is a Jewel of Surrey. I visited this  recently built new gym (£3million cost) with 40 staff which is host to over 1,000 young people a week from age 5 upwards. The gym is a UK (and further afield) centre of excellence in acrobatic and tumbling acrobatics. Extraordinary to watch as in the photo. They produce medal winners from age 10 . In many categories they are the most successful gym in UK competitions. 22 young people will shortly be going to Poland for a European competition. Probably (in my view)  more important than medals is the discipline and personal confidence the training at the gym is instilling in these young individuals. This is especially relevant to the attendees at the gym who come form Priority Places like Stanwell. The gym is on the doorstep of this challenged community. All credit to Bob and Alison Cooper the inspiration and creator of this amazing place.