Bronzefield Women’s Prison & YOI Ashford.

My final visit to the 5 prisons in Surrey was Bronzefield Women’s prison and YOI in Ashford.  I was very warmly hosted by Jonathan the Governor, Jonathan French.  It was fascinating to hear about his long career in the prison service and to discuss the present challenges and opportunities facing our prison system. Walking around the prison I was really impressed with the excellent landscaping and condition of the buildings. There was also a good air of purpose and kindness around the whole establishment – along with excellent training facilities including bike repair, a café, arts and crafts and a fully equipped beauty salon. A very good visit – thank you and thank you for what you do to care for and rehabilitate the Women in your care. #hmpbronzefield #surreyjudiciary #bronzefield #prisonservice #highsheriffofsurrey #thesurreylieutenancy #surreylive #bbcradiosurrey #surreyhillsradio