The Skill Mill

It was good to visit The Skill Mill and to see two of their teams working hard in the Surrey rain. The Skill Mill is a simple concept, well managed and executed. Teams of four young people plus tools, a van and a supervisor deliver – paid – ground clearance and maintenance type work for 6 months. Young offenders or potential offenders learn the art of holding down a job and in the great majority of cases do not offend/re-offend. A bonus to meet the founder David Parkes – The Skill Mill has now grown to nearly 20 vans and makes a wonderful difference to young peoples lives at a key moment. Thank you him and his team. @skillmillsurrey #skillmill #skillway #thehighhsheriffofsurrey #thesurreylieutenancy #bbcradiosurrey #surreyhillsradio #surreylive #godalming