Well-deserved Unsung Heroes Award for Stanwell charities

The High Sheriff was delighted to present an Unsung Heroes Award to Victoria Goodacre for her work as a volunteer at the Stanwell Events Community Project near Staines.

Ian and Linda Millin from Stanwell Events said: “We nominated Victoria to receive this award as she works so hard with the pre-school children and their parents who visit the project. She is always helping to make positive memories for others.”

The Stanwell Events Christmas Giving Project gives food items and family presents to community members who need extra support at Christmas. During Dr Llewelyn’s visit, the project was in full swing, with Stanwell Events’ chief executive Anne Marie Goodacre taking a call offering 40 turkeys, which were gratefully received.

Stanwell Events volunteers work not only in Stanwell but also in the broader community of Surrey. They help their sister charity, the Stanwell Food Bank, which supports those in need in Spelthorne. The food bank works in partnership with other food banks and serves vast numbers of delicious meals, all cooked at the Community Centre kitchen.

Recognising the tremendous work of all the volunteers at both organisations with awards, the High Sheriff said: “It is clear that Stanwell Events and Food Bank play a vital role in their community and do a huge amount of excellent work.”