Surrey Poppy Appeal launch marks event’s centenary

The Royal British Legion Surrey Poppy Launch at the Army Training Centre in Pirbright was a wonderful way to mark the appeal’s centenary and the start of fundraising.

Attending the event, Dr Llewelyn said: “It was a pleasure to gather to celebrate the Poppy Appeal, which is so vital to our servicemen and women’s wellbeing, and listen to the readings and reflections.”

She also congratulated Recruit Kirsty Williamson for her “outstanding musical contribution”. Rct Williamson sang ‘I vow to thee my country’ and is clearly destined for a remarkable career in the Corps of Army Music.

The Poppy Appeal launched in April 1921 and is unlike any other in terms of historical and moral significance for the UK.

Dr Llewelyn thanked Brigadier Evans and his team at the Royal British Legion in Surrey for all they do for their county.