Guildford fun day gives young carers a welcome break

Surrey’s High Sheriff saw the cares lifted from young carers’ shoulders as they were freed from their responsibilities to enjoy simply being children during the Guildford Young Carers family fun day at the Spectrum Leisure Complex.

Dr Llewelyn visited all kinds of activities during the day, including basketball, tenpin bowling, ice skating, knitting, arts and crafts, an assault course and planting plants. And she saw many young carers’ spirits lifted as they took a welcome break from caring for siblings, parents or other relatives.

She said: “Every family I chatted to, and that was a lot, had a wonderful time. The team did an outstanding job organising so many different activities. On behalf of the County of Surrey, I’d like to thank them all for the support they provide to young people who are carers. I hope they are very proud of everything they achieved and the happiness that the day spread.”

Dr Llewelyn, above, with Mike Parsons, who set up the Guildford Young Carers Fund when he was mayor in 2018/19. The fund is part of Guildford Philanthropy, which seeks to tackle local needs and transform the lives of the disadvantaged.

Reaching new heights in basketball.