Woking Crime Report.

I met up with Woking Borough Divisional Commander Inspector Dave Bentley last week for an update on the local challenges and a nice walk down the Basingstoke Canal.

It was very encouraging to see that the overall crime in Woking has fallen by nearly 15%, however the Anti-social behaviour, which also includes the Coronavirus incidents, are also recorded, and ASB has risen by 33%. Thankfully hate crime has fallen by 8% and residential burglary has fallen by 25% (some of the reason being people re working from home), but sadly the domestic violence rate has risen by 7%. Woking Police has recovered over 13% of Bicycle theft, which against national bike theft has increased by 27%.

Having spent this year as a High Sheriff whilst still under strict limitations, it has been truly incredible to see the good work carried out by Surrey Police across the county which has been challenging on many fronts and for that we will be grateful. Thanks to you David and your team, for keeping our region safe!