Denbies Vineyard Visit.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Denbies Wine Estate kindly hosted by Chris White CEO, where I also met Sweet c’s Handcrafted Chocolates by Caroline Hill, along with Surrey Hills Physiotherapy ran by Helen and Massimo Barcellona with Markus Dell Photographer and Chimney Fire Coffee owned by Dan Webber, and in particular to hear about their challenges in the current climate.

Whilst learning about the challenges  they are all facing, it was refreshing to hear how positive they all were in their outlook for the future.

The weather was glorious, whilst practicing  the standard  social distancing, it was great to hear from Chris White CEO of Denbies Wine Estate  on how they have adapted to the current situation, where they have increased their on-line presence, with Wine and gifts, Opened the “Hatch on the Lawns”, along with Garden centre, hopefully starting turs, as well as hoping to open the hotel business, where the occupancy from 95%  and dropped down to zero with the lockdown.. these are challenging  times, but it was great to see how they have adapted to  the needs.. I was most impressed after my 3 hour visit to find Sir Adrian White going around the Lawns with his black bin bags and emptying bins.

Sweet C’s Handcrafted Chocolates,  well what can you say about this incredible company, that hand makes every piece of chocolate hand crafted and made in surrey for feasting. All carried out from Caroline’s House in Bookham, again apart of Surrey Hills enterprise. The cocoa beans imported from Columbia , where farmers and enterprise are encouraged and supported by many organisation as part of their corporate Social Responsibility  to support local families, I have to say the Milk chocolate for diabetics was the best I have tasted. I would encourage you to check-out the website and please support these independent retailers. @sweet_cs-Chocs

It was great to learn from Dan Webber on his enterprise Chimney Fire Coffee, where Dan spent many years n Africa researching and classifying coffee beans before setting up his business in his shed in 2016. Again I encourage you to check-out Dans website and I would particularly recommend Peru Classic Espresso (chocolate). Dans workshop is in Ranmore Common where he has his team roasting, tasting and distributing coffees to individuals, as well as corporates, biscuit Blackberry. I would encourage you to pay a visit to their Ranmore Common roasting place

I was totally amazed to find Surrey Hills Physiotherapy based at Denbies Wine Estate providing  Physiotherapy, Pilates and specialising wellbeing, addressing joints, bones, muscle and backpain business that is family owned by Massimo and Helen Barcellona. As someone who is involved in sports and played sports, the amount of time I have spent in physio room with ligaments and other pans, I have to say the setting, the treatment and rehab room are the best I have ever seen. The building dates back to 1800, and Barcellona’s have retained the woods and settings from 1800, it truly is a wonderful place, where technology and nature come together.. during the Covid19, the company has been teaching virtual classes including free access as well as supporting many housebound individuals. With Massmio specialism in ACL, I can see many football clubs using their services.

Markus Dell running the social media and live streaming contents along with his excellent photographer, please do visit them

Finally a huge thank you to all for hosting me and your valuable time showing me around.. It was a very unique experience.. Thank you and I will be visiting you soon.