No amount of rain could dampen spirits at Jamie’s Farm.

In the wet and windy squall we arrived at Jamie’s Farm near Lewes, tucked in the folds below the South Downs

.Despite the inclement weather Bill and I felt so uplifted and excited by everything we saw and heard; from cooking scotch eggs to the SOS decor in the house, the lambs and nanny goats to the lavender bombs and home pressed countryside tiles not to mention the racks of boots, the big dining room table and the welcoming home and home team and the dripping wet but enthused and animated young people -so so special.This is an amazing place.Each week 12 young people are nurtured in the ways of the countryside and it has some amazing results.I cannot possibly describe this in a blog, please go to the website to understand the incredible work of this charity-support it if you will, and spread the word of their fourth and newest farm near Lewes