RAAS Co-Curricular Ambassadors Present Charity Choices!

Royal Alexandra & Albert School has over a dozen Ambassadors who work within their own year groups and houses (often helped by sixth from mentors) to identify their favourite charities and to create innovative ways to support that organisation, and raise awareness of the issues they address. Eleven of the students (seven pictured above) delivered highly professional presentations of their choices, together with well developed plans for taking future voluntary actions to provide consistent support in the future. The excellent list of charities identified is a testament to the careful analysis undertaken by the Ambassadors; Sleep Easy YMCA; Wheels For All; Stripey Stork; Little Roo Neonatal Fund; Shooting Star; Open Arms Malawi (a long standing School partnership); School Foundation (and the unique nature of the association with RAAS) and The Lucy Rayner Foundation – what a brilliant collection! Congratulations to leaders Jo (right, below), Deputy head of Co-Curriculum, and parent volunteer Matthew, a very knowledgable charity volunteer with close connections to ‘Wheels For All’