'All In A (hugely impressive!) Night's Work' In Guildford Town Centre

I was privileged to visit Guildford Police Station last night and witness Surrey Police at their very best – just follow this itinerary!

8.30pm – detailed explanation of CCTV suite, and the importance of such surveillance 

9.00pm – car patrol of Guildford centre, dropping in at Campus Security at the University to share information and maintain the good relationship

10.00pm – shift briefing, including substantial operations underway to tackle well reported issues of ‘County Lines’ and ‘Cuckooing’ (criminal drugs related activities)

10.30pm – foot patrol of Guildford Centre (Monday is a busy ‘student’ night in the clubs), including speaking to several rough sleepers, who knew and trusted the Officers (who in turn were well informed about all local services available to provide some support)

11.35pm – immediate response to a 999 call reporting intruders on the premises in a house on the town outskirts. On site within minutes, immediately followed by other cars who swamped the area (under the expert guidance from the Duty Inspector at the station). The burglar(s) had just fled, but the rapid presence of a police dog and handler soon led to a suspect being apprehended nearby

12.30pm – house owners understandably shocked by experience but much comforted by the quite extraordinary response from Surrey Police, who were at pains to explain that it is not always like this!

Well, it will be in my mind – we are proud of you all!