Thrive Dance Academy Graduates Provide Moving Finale to 'Dance Movement' Re-Launch!

Perhaps the wings in the Great Hall at Farnham Maltings is not the easiest location for a picture, but ‘Thrive’ performers (from left) Anne Marie, Mackayla, Lucie and Loui feel right at home there! Having graduated last October, all four received their certificates recognising their new qualifications, and celebrated by providing the perfect finale through their dance ‘Sunrise’. The High Sheriff Youth Awards supported the pilot of ‘Thrive Dance Academy’, which targeted young people struggling to succeed, identified by Waverley Training Services, SCC Looked After Children Service and ‘Step by Step’. The Dance Movement is now a fully recognised charity, and Programme Director, Rachel Deadman, and Dance Artist, Nicky Norton, can be justifiably proud of their great work in helping these four young people realise their own potential – with our collective support there will be many more to follow!