'Lakeside' the Perfect Venue for Annual Dinner for the Surrey Judiciary

Chef David’s creative skills were at their peak last night as Surrey’s judges, magistrates and civic dignitaries enjoyed an evening sampling the diverse strengths of the University of Surrey (all guests took pictures of David’s creation and I wanted to be among the first to blog – courtesy Andy Newbold!) The GSA Singers provided a stimulating programme of exquisitely delivered show songs and were their usual breathtaking selves – sincere compliments to Musical Director, Peter Roberts.

More details will emerge over coming days of the excellent, thought-provoking presentations and displays from Royal Holloway School of Law, The University of Law, The University of Surrey Law School and the Surrey Magistracy, which greeted guests on arrival. The diversity of activities around the research, teaching, volunteering and everyday practical impact of legal matters in our community was amazing to see when presented in such a coordinated fashion. Many thanks to Dr Alex Sarch for masterminding the educational side of the evening!

Final thanks must go to our guest speakers, HH Judge Robert Fraser (Resident Judge at Guildford Crown Court), Professor Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov (UoS School of Law), and Associate Professor and Dean, Sarah Pooley (University of Law) and particularly to Professor Max Lu, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Surrey, for embracing our event with open arms!

 (My own portion!)