SATRO Host 'TEENTECH' – 'Inspiring Tomorrow's Innovators'!

Chair, Howard Railton, and over 40 SATRO volunteers welcomed 340 year 8 students from schools across Surrey and even further afield, to the Surrey Sports Park to be inspired by 35 local companies. The creative and imaginative STEM challenges presented to the students in interactive sessions by the willing company experts had to be seen to be believed – just look at these towers (one beginning to wilt somewhat!) made from spaghetti and marshmallows, built at the Fluor exhibit to withstand the weight of two hefty chocolate slabs!

And on the Pirbright stand, led by a great combination of academic and support staff from the Institute, students could see mosquito larvae and adults (below – the larvae pictures on the monitor are screened from the microscope camera), and even design a lego version with altered DNA so that malaria transmission would be impossible – Terrific use of STEM subject thinking!

When the excitement got too much, the Chair of SCC, Tony Samuels, joined me in ensuring that this teacher received expert attention!!

 What a brilliantly inspiring day – many thanks SATRO!