Three Rivers Academy – 'Preparing All Pupils For Life'

An inspiring day organised by Lady Louise O’Connor (second left), with the support of Rhona Barnfield, CEO, Howard Partnership Trust (right) and Anne-Louise Payne, Headteacher, Three Rivers Academy (centre), and great input from the four Deputy Heads (Steve,left, and Kate, second right, joined the photo call – many thanks to Zoe for her photography skills!)

The key challenges for Anne-Louise have been the legacy of poor performance (the school has been in special measures); retaining/developing and attracting the right staff team (interestingly, all four Deputy Heads are longer serving members of staff) and ensuring the right level of funding (which, in real terms, means having the complete skills required – both teaching and pastoral staff working as a team) The impact of the Howard Partnership Trust has been substantial, and the impressive efforts on ensuring INCLUSION (through the Inclusion Hub – Heidi, SENCO, Kirsty and the team, together with the belief that all teachers have an SEN culture) lends real credibility that high expectations are the norm for all pupils.

Keep up the great work!