Eikon; 'Supporting Young People's Future, Today'

A powerful vision statement that says it all! Another invaluable day of learning with two of the acknowledged experts in the sector, Chris Hickford (right) and Paul Wilkinson at the Eikon HQ;

We discussed the issue of permanent exclusions from school, and once again confirmed the importance of early intervention (particularly through the critical Children’s Centres across the county) and providing support through schools before initial problems turn into real crises. Of course, this is easier said than done in today’s world, and charities such as Eikon, with their impressive delivery of positive results over many years, will have a huge role to play in improving outcomes for struggling young pupils. Chris also explained the current project to develop land adjacent to their site at Fullbrook School into a stress-free outdoor retreat for young people – as you can see, the usual Eikon passion is ever present!