Women's Support Centre Surrey – A Wonderful Resource for Women Across the County!

The Women’s Support Centre in Woking is a great example of all elements of expertise, professional specialism and support for women (and their families) coming together under one roof. This pioneering initiative undertaken by Woking Borough Council, and led from the top by CEO Ray Morgan, is now some 12 years old and goes from strength to strength. It is supported by WBC, SCC and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, David Munro. I was welcomed (from left) by Carole (Women In Prison), Donna (Surrey Family Services, SCC) and Camilla (WBC), and heard about the free and confidential services available for all women in Surrey, as well as some of the latest, impactful work around Women’s Justice Intervention and other UK-leading activities designed to ‘transform women’s justice’. The painting also has a story – the artist is a very talented young woman from the Sliding Doors group working programme, sponsored by SCC. Carole was keen to emphasise that self-referrals are very welcome, and there is no fixed period of time for any of the support – it is all designed around the needs of the individual.