Making Waves on the Way & Arun Canal!

And not of the watery variety! The HS of Surrey has had to humbly apologise to the HS of West Sussex, Caroline Nicholls, for an unannounced venture into her bailiwick! The picturesque boat ride and short walk to Gennets Lock, organised by the Trust Directors, was fully booked and an excellent opportunity to see the substantial progress being made towards eventually developing the canal all the way through to Guildford, many years in the future. At the moment Gennets Lock is the West Sussex outpost in the south, just within sight of Surrey. The 300+ volunteers are doing a fine job restoring what will become an excellent community amenity for Surrey and West Sussex. Keep digging…! 

The bench at the lock is fashioned from the old lock gates, and commemorates the 100s of navies who took just 3 years to create the 23 miles of original canal.