How much do you know about the work of a Coroner? I have just spent an eye opening two hours with HM Senior Coroner of Surrey, at the Coroner’s Courts in Woking, Richard Travers. The role of the Coroner is nearly as old as that of the High Sheriff dating from the 12th century.  I was amazed to learn that of the c11,000 individuals who die every year in Surrey some 4,500 are referred to the Coroner to establish the cause of death. As Richard said “It is a body based jurisdiction”. Of the 4,500, the Coroner typically requires 40% to have a post mortem and 12/13% will be subject to an inquest, some with juries. The approach of a Coroners’ Court is very different from what I have seen recently in the Crown Court or the Magistrates Court being inquisitional not adversarial. As Richard said the question to be answered is: “What is the Truth?”. Fascinating and real for many bereaved families across Surrey, for whom I suggest the Coroner and his staff do a great and unsung and perhaps not understood job.