The ancient role of High Sheriff has evolved in recent times to include a central duty to support the judiciary, with the additional focus to provide encouragement to the police, emergency services, probation and prison services and to other agencies involved with crime prevention, particularly among young people. In Surrey, this duty is greatly enhanced through the work of the High Sheriff Youth Awards Scheme. I am delighted to be able to fully support this essential activity as the new High Sheriff, and will take an enthusiastic interest in all awards granted during my time in office.


  Throughout his very successful year, my predecessor, Robert Napier, has been tireless in his efforts to visit the various initiatives funded by recent grants, and I will ensure that we monitor the impact and effectiveness of the projects in order to rapidly identify further examples of best practice. I will also be proud to continue Robert’s powerful and popular focus on the effects on pupils of all ages of being excluded from school. We are grateful for the substantial momentum Robert has created in terms of addressing this complex problem.

  In the tradition of all past High Sheriffs, I am determined to visit as many of the charities and organisations engaging with vulnerable young people across the county as possible. By doing so, I will have the opportunity to encourage these dedicated volunteers to apply for grants from HSYA in order to help make Surrey safer through the activities of young people themselves. I look forward with great anticipation to meeting the experts providing such lifechanging opportunities, and to hearing of the impact of such inspiration from the beneficiaries themselves.


                                                                                                                      Jim Glover